Buddy Support Group

A patient, however tough he may be, will, in almost all cases, find that his world will cave in when he hears that dreaded diagnosis “You have prostate cancer”.

Talk to a Buddy who’s been there before…

Whether you’re finding it difficult to come to terms with a diagnosis or find that you have to make a difficult treatment choice, talk freely to a BUDDY who’s been through a similar experience and can be a real and comforting help to you.

We know what you are going through – a “TOUGH TIME” – we have been there and will support you……….

We have a Buddy who can talk to you about:

  • Their treatment experience
  • Practical tips about coping with prostate cancer
  • The impact of prostate cancer on relationships and/or your sex life
  • Living with a partner/family member who has prostate cancer
  • Any other issue which may be a cause of concern to you

For more information and to speak with a support BUDDY please call us on our helpline 58009161 or just turn up at the Cancer Relief Centre every second Thursday of the month at 17.15.