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Why a Walnut? Only men have a prostate gland. In young men the gland is usually the shape and size of a walnut and it increases slowly in size with age.   How to check for prostate problems! Look for common symptoms which can include: 1) A weak urine flow. 2) Need to urinate more often especially at night. 3) Need to rush to the toilet. Less common symptoms include: 1) Pain when passing urine. 2) Pain when ejaculating. 3) Pain in the testicles. Some men with prostate cancer may have no symptoms at all. However some men may have some of the symptoms described above. Other symptoms you may get include: 1) New pain in the lower back, hips or pelvis. 2) Problems getting or keeping an erection. 3) Blood in the urine or semen—but this is rare. If you have any of these symptoms, you should visit your GP to find out what is causing the problem.   Are you at risk? Age: 85% of men diagnosed with prostate cancer are men over the age of 60. Ethnicity: African Caribbean men are three times more likely to develop prostate cancer than white men. Family: You are two and half times more likely to develop prostate cancer if your father or brother has had it. Diet: No one knows how to prevent prostate cancer, but diet and a health lifestyle may be important in protecting against the disease.  Postal Address: 244 Main Street, Gibraltar ¦ Email: ¦ Mobile: (+350) 580 091 61