PROSTATE CANCER SUPPORT GROUP GIBRALTAR (C) Prostate Cancer Support Group Gibraltar 2013 ¦ Registered Charity No. 221
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21st. June, 2012 Chairman’s Report. It is with great pleasure that I write my first Chairman’s report for the Prostate Cancer Support Group Gibraltar. I clearly remember our first meeting when we had to establish the Group, with Manolo Ruiz getting us together at McDonald’s, that was just over a year ago. The initial group was made up of Mario Ghio, David Hardy, George Payas, Audrey Smith, Barry Philips and myself. At the conclusion of that initial meeting, there was a great deal of enthusiasm having formed what was to be a steering committee. Much was achieved during the first few months that followed, with the very welcome help from Isobel Ellul- Hammond. We managed to work on our constitution and get the Group officially registered as a charity. I would like to express my sincere thanks to all the initial steering committee who, through health, work commitments and other reasons have had to take a back role in the organisation. At present, the committee is now made up by Derek Ghio (Deputy Chairman), Richard Montegriffo (Secretary), Charles Menez and Douglas Ferro (Treasurer) and myself. I have to emphasise that they all have shown the same enthusiasm as the initial steering committee. This committee has worked tirelessly in producing a forward looking plan, setting up datelines to achieve our two main goals, which are a massive awareness campaign coupled with a fund raising campaigns and the establishing of a Prostate Clinic at St. Bernard’s Hospital. The highlights for me in our first year are as follows; a)  The launch of the Charity at the Casino Calpe. b)  The fantastic response of organisations and individuals in providing donations and putting together fundraising events. d) The enthusiastic response that we have had from the Minister and management of the Gibraltar Health Authority and medical staff. e) The opportunity given to us by the previous Government of setting up a Prostate Clinic, and by the current Government in honouring and promoting this commitment. We have also been able to recruit just under 200 members, I am glad to say that most of them have already paid this year’s subscription but I encourage those who have yet not paid to do so. Our website is at this moment being revamped and we are in the process of going active on facebook. We started an on going campaign for collecting statistics. Although the response has been dismal we are not discouraged, it is information that is needed for the Charity to identify areas which need to be addressed. The donations and fundraising events have given the Charity the healthy start it needed but we obviously still have some way to go to get to the level that the Charity can actively begin to provide for the needs of men with prostate disease. Our goals for the coming year will be to continue to build on this momentum, and ultimately reach a level of service the community deserves. I would like to announce that we already have a sponsor committed to obtaining the equipment needed for the Prostate clinic Therefore, for the immediate future we are aiming to organise a local Movember, starting as from September and culminating with the launching of the Prostate Clinic at the end of November.. Therefore, as we have already revamped our committee from the original line-up and taking into account the “works in progress” ending with the setting up of the clinic, we propose to carry on with the same committee for the next year. Thank you once again to all those organisations and private individuals who have shown faith in our endeavours this year. Your belief has given us the momentum we truly needed and your support is much appreciated. I look forward to reporting to you all again on progress in 12 months. John Diaz Chairman  Postal Address: 244 Main Street, Gibraltar ¦ Email: ¦ Mobile: (+350) 580 091 61